Netcom International: Certified Networking Support for Avaya Voice & Cisco Data Integration in the U.S. and Mexico

A Brief History

NETCOM INTERNATIONAL is proud to provide senior experience in service coupled with the most up-to-date knowledge. The company has never ceased to update our technical knowledge, services, training or customer support strategies, ensuring any service our customers receive is current with the best and newest standards in the industry.

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Coverage Area

NETCOM INTERNATIONAL has offices in San Diego and Tijuana, with service areas across the U.S. and Mexico. Look at our map to explore where we are.

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Why Choose Us

NETCOM INTERNATIONAL has been distinguished from the beginning by the high quality of its network solutions that often undercut clients’ budget constraints. We have a 100% success rate in our implementation of voice and data networks between the U.S. and Mexico, making us the only resource a client needs for expertise and service that will solve their international networking communications challenges.

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